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GeeksAbroad - We're taking our geeky passion abroad finding geeky new gems across the world. Do you have favorite hangouts you want to let us know about?

GeeksAbroad Episode 2


Check out Episode 2 of GeeksAbroad. Nixie and Marc help host a huge games conference and how they deal with the mad dash from the UK to Paris. You can find out playlist for GeeksAbroad here. Video Transcript:Marc: [00:00:04] I knew that I didn't have to have

GeeksAbroad Episode 3


We finally made it to Switzerland, Zurich Comic Festival. You see, in the US we’re spoiled with geeky conferences like PAX and Comic Con. And the Swiss trusted us, geeky BFFs from across the pond to kick it off for them. The stage was MASSIVE, and we didn’t

This Week in GeekBeacon


All the things in store for the week of 4/11/-4/17/2022 in GeekBeacon! All events to take place on our Discord here. Thursday:GeeksAbroad - Episode 3 - Our First Time on Stage - Comic Con of SwitzerlandWe finally made it to Switzerland, Zurich Comic Festival. You

GeeksAbroad Episode 1 Launch


There are serious questions one must answer in this life. Holding aloft an invisible orange, we peer into the swirling mists of human experience to ask ourselves one question above all: what is a geek? Our growing GeekBeacon community has attracted geeks of all stripes, from gamers to creatives, active

Going to the EU


We’re excited to bring the World’s first geeky travel show that is Geeks Abroad. Our new upcoming series will begin in Europe starting with the Zurich Games Show where we'll be doing livestreams, interviews and most importantly creating content. Passion drives Geeks Abroad and that’s exactly what