GeeksAbroad Episode 1 Launch

GeeksAbroad Episode 1 Launch


There are serious questions one must answer in this life. Holding aloft an invisible orange, we peer into the swirling mists of human experience to ask ourselves one question above all: what is a geek? Our growing GeekBeacon community has attracted geeks of all stripes, from gamers to creatives, active livestreamers to programmers and everything in between. Our Squirrel Army consists of neurodivergents tossing collective experiences around the circle to see what we can all learn from each other, offering support and relatable camaraderie. We have a dedicated tech section with programmers from the beginner to the advanced, discussing projects and helping each other out. GeekBeacon has artists, writers, cosplayers and entertainment aficionados. Far from the largest geek community out there, our growing collective still encompasses an impressive cross-section of interests. As amazing and singular as the GeekBeacon community is, there's so much more to find and so many more of you out there!

Not content to sit still and let it all happen around us, we've decided to dive in and see where the current takes us! Proudly unfurling our geek flags and letting them flap brazenly in the wind, hitting the road to find and explore all things geek! Not only is our epic quest geek-centric by design, we'll also be broadening our portfolio of geekery by taking the "gearhead" class option with our work on the lovely Princess Buttercup. Not the character from the Princess Bride (cult favorite films are another geek niche? Inconceivable!), but our robust GMC that's a combination of valiant steed and tiny home! We'll be traveling all over, following the veins and tributaries of geek culture that unite us in a common language of enthusiasm and engagement. GeeksAbroad will be bringing you all things geek, from the technical to the creative and everything in between!

We'll be finding the small shops of niche specialities and novel curiosities as well as the massive game and hobby stores packed with your usual suspects. There will be conferences and expos on everything from back-end programming to end-user shiny toys, game cons and special events! From geek-themed taverns and restaurants to arcades, we'll be finding you some of the best nerdy destinations and events to share. GeeksAbroad will be following the signal to wherever it takes us, hoping to meet and collaborate with other geeky digital nomads as we go!

Connecting you to geeks of all kinds, GeeksAbroad will be showcasing it all. Gamers hailing from the realm of videogames with Minecraft master builders, sure, but we also have tabletop gamers! Whether a pen-and-paper roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons or a card game like Pokémon or Magic: the Gathering. There are the academic geeks in their hallowed halls of knowledge and their  potentially exploding laboratories (can we find an actual lair? any geeks with lairs want us to visit?). For literal and actual centuries there have been massive fandoms built around theater and literature. GeeksAbroad won't just be focusing on entertainment and recreation, either! There are history buffs and art enthusiasts, scientists and engineers. Transcending demographic and locale, geek culture draws in people from all over the world to explore ideas, enjoy hobbies, and expand collective knowledge. We'll be talking to cybersecurity experts about privacy in the age of mass surveillance and looking at how hacktivism is being used to effect real changes in the world around us.

If you'd like more info check out the GeeksAbroad Linktree, and if you want all the behind-the-scenes goodies and exclusive content, give our social media accounts a follow to be in on the breaking news and wacky hijinks! Come join us on our epic quest to discover geeky locations and nerdy events in tech, geek culture, and gaining gearhead XP on the way! Bridging the gaps in understanding and building connection through the sovereign languages of Geekdom as we embark on our adventure to hook up with our geeky friends and make all new ones as we curate the finest in nerdery and shenanigans in our fresh new travel series, GeeksAbroad!

Video Transcript:

Nixie  0:00
It's been 48 hours since we've slept.

Hey, can you go?

Can you go? I'm trying to walk Go away. Go away.

Don't you just love friends

where you can just say go away?

Like that's some true friendship right there. The funniest the funniest thing is, we've been working so hard we have an itinerary were launched. There comes a point where your physical limitations that's it, that's all we're launching the world's first geeky travel show

Nixie & Marc  1:02
you ready for this? You get two pieces of bread two thick pieces of cheese and nothing else.

Nixie  1:08
So after much chaos and hysteria we are here of Norwegian airlines we don't look tired at all

Marc  1:40
Enjoy your seven dollar two piece cheese sandwich. Enjoy your sandwich with no mustard.

Nixie  1:53
we don't have extra sauce we don't have
extra custom forms that's all we got that's all

it's been 48 hours since we've slept

the bathroom I will wow that was pretty good.

Nixie & Marc  2:54
You are taking too long can we help you eat your baggage? Yes actually can you can we can actually lift it for you help you pack we can only tell you this to make you move past her out of guilt. So I hope you enjoyed your two piece of cheese no like soft sandwich and being denied water at the end of the fight.

Nixie  3:16
Yeah, I thought it was funny that we were I was trying to take a little bit of extra time to make sure that we had everything and three associates came up and asked if they were they could do anything to help us and finally after the like fourth person I'm like yeah, like what could you do? Could you let me know what you could do? And then she responded well you know we can't really help with bags at all but we can help in any other way and I'm like well I guess then No, you can't help us

11 hours zero food zero water haven't even gotten through customs yet. Fix at least we flew into London so there's not going to be like as much

Marc  4:03
no no you're incorrect. We didn't find the London we flew into London adjacent

Nixie  4:07
at least with flying to London adjacent yes it's gonna be crazy just sleep and food and directions and Wi Fi

and and

Marc  4:20
a SIM card for a phone that can't be opened

Nixie  4:24
now we can talk on like this

Marc  4:29

Nixie  4:37
I want it I'm going for you gotta girl stop me now. We have entirely changed this guy's all this case, self care everybody. Very important

what it says This place is like a whole right like they don't actually intend on having food here. And it hasn't caught on to just like sell lots of food Why don't we Why don't we do that? Why aren't why are we not making that does really? Those kinds of sounds that sounds like a dying clown the sad sad clowns dying

Marc  5:36
kids Spider Man. Oh, it's Ken Masters from Street Fighter two.

Nixie  5:45
Oh, yeah. Good. I only work more worried about the girl. Or be cute. Cute. Being on this little asleep. It feels like it's a dystopian reality to the US with everything kind of seeming like the US except for. They use the word toilets. So I'm not actually recognizing our bags, which could be another issue

Nixie & Marc  6:11
forever to get to hear. Yeah, so

Nixie  6:17
I know that it seems like we're saying really negative stuff right now. But the moment we eat food the moment this becomes less the moment that our head hits the pillow.

It'll all be better.

Marc  6:32
I hope for now this is the dark secret of travel they don't ever tell you about and we're gonna expose it

Nixie  6:39
work. Yeah clickbait clickbait Darkside of travel exposed, chapped

lips apart, you know, only being on an aeroplane for having having

Nixie & Guest  6:50
your luggage fall apart on their plane and then having the airplane help look at you and go. Can we help? Oh, wait, we can't Oh, you want that water? You didn't pay for them dinner of 45 bucks. So instead you get no water you get no coffee. And and you're ready for this? You get two pieces of bread, two thick pieces of cheese and nothing else. No mustard, mayo nothing.

Nixie  7:15
A cheese sandwiches is all the rage in this area.

Nixie & Marc  7:19
Yeah, they will even microwave it. No, actually, that's entitled, entitlement. I recognize that we're launching

Nixie  7:27
the world's first geeky travel show. And it's going to be incredible. We've all worked so so hard to actualize it and bring you on a trip with us getting all the right equipment, and all the passes to places. And I'm really, really excited that you guys are coming along. And maybe it's a little bit of a departure no pun intended from what I usually do. But it's really really what's closer to my heart than anything else is travel. And I wanted to create this segment where we geek out about what you geek out about. It transcends borders. It's it really, when somebody talks about magic cards, or d&d or whatever, you know, tech, Linux distributions,

Nixie  8:24
everything that we've had going on. And I don't even have the energy to freak out about it.

Marc  8:30
We have one pound, which is a couple ounces. We have two pounds, but what's cool is like it's metal within metal, right? That's pretty cool. Like, that's pretty cool. This euros euros pretty baller but what made me laugh is this but my posters see right like, cool things about like through Big Ben, and like see a wonderful world. Let's let's see. I see. No, bring it closer, bring it closer, and then cut away to the TARDIS.

Nixie  9:10
How did you know?

Oh, yeah. We have your rail passes. Are you going to Victoria? Yes. Thank you. Quicker quicker is good. Hello. I think we need to show anybody we have here do you got it? Okay. Yep. You got it.

Marc  9:51
It's a weekday workday.

Nixie  9:59
We have been officially thrust into socialness This is a huge takeaway from Gatwick and I am reminded of my the rule that I I used in New York which was in order to avoid people rushing towards you know people rushing towards you just just look where you're going and don't maintain eye contact with the person and then you will run into them like I would run into you right now

Marc & Guest  10:38
these are fantastic. Describe how good they are until they're in here. Why don't we just buy them? We are

Nixie  10:49
you didn't have that here. We're going to be 100% original with everything we do, including eating jaffa cakes. Which at first glance looks like a sponge This is Maggie with a finger that means my somebody

Marc  11:24

Nixie & Guest  11:30
so this is stuff you don't think about. Big Friday, except when you open this this is bigger than most like San Francisco apartments. You kidding? Oh no, definitely not. You could get a damp crawlspace for like $700 a month. Harry Potter. Are you ready for your traditional American breakfast in England?

Marc  11:59
Yeah, maybe I just don't want beans and everything because it didn't give me gas.

Nixie & Guest  12:03
No, why did you just say how was it traditional than a? How is it different than a traditional American breakfast?

Marc  12:09
Well, you said American breakfast.

Nixie  12:13
So are you ready for traditional English breakfast?

Marc  12:19
Sans beans? Sure.

Nixie & Marc  12:21
No, stop with the beans my classes? somewhat decent. What's the last seems overrated I really think that there's going to be a montage of are like us doing that.

Marc  12:37
Yeah. Traveling is not relaxing. It's very tiring.

Nixie & Marc  12:43
The sunrise isn't half an hour. We gotta get somewhere quick before the sun rises and do what a transition