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Public announcements of upcoming events and community broadcasts

Learn With GeekBeacon - Public Speaking


Get your questions in!Join us for Learn with GeekBeacon. With special guest, Flobo "Novanta" Boyce. Who you may remember from helping us host GeekBeacon Fest this past February. Flobo "Novanta" Boyce is a Brooklyn-born, Los Angeles-based author, stand-up comedian, host, and caster. Through his digital network Knew Amsterdam Entertainment,

GeeksAbroad Episode 2


Check out Episode 2 of GeeksAbroad. Nixie and Marc help host a huge games conference and how they deal with the mad dash from the UK to Paris. You can find out playlist for GeeksAbroad here. Video Transcript:Marc: [00:00:04] I knew that I didn't have to have

Cyber Security & User Privacy in 2022 - Privacy Panel


We share our 1st Hacking Stories, Open Source privacy tools, and elitism in Tech Culture. Watch the privacy panel at Techlore:  How did we fall into InfoSec? Follow me here: Finally, how Security and Privacy in today’s ever changing

Graphic of the Month for May


Get your submissions in for May's graphic of the month. The theme for May is Friday the 13th. This can be however you view the holiday (typically spooky-themed), but just remember to include the number 13 somehow! Send your submissions to either Kankuro or Sir Matrix by the 28th of

GeekBeacon Merch Showoff


Got any GeekBeacon swag that you purchased recently? If so, show it off by sending a picture of yourself in our Discord (In the designated text channel under IRL Photos) or via GeekBeacon socials with the hashtag #GeekBeaconSwag. Those who send photos, may be featured on our socials. And if

GeeksAbroad Episode 3


We finally made it to Switzerland, Zurich Comic Festival. You see, in the US we’re spoiled with geeky conferences like PAX and Comic Con. And the Swiss trusted us, geeky BFFs from across the pond to kick it off for them. The stage was MASSIVE, and we didn’t

This Week in GeekBeacon


All the things in store for the week of 4/11/-4/17/2022 in GeekBeacon! All events to take place on our Discord here. Thursday:GeeksAbroad - Episode 3 - Our First Time on Stage - Comic Con of SwitzerlandWe finally made it to Switzerland, Zurich Comic Festival. You

GeekBeacon Fest 2022 - Main Conference in Review


GeekBeacon Festival was our global, online conference , held February 18th & 19th 2022. Our two-day conference was a fundraising event to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the AbleGamers Foundation. The EFF is on the front lines of the battle for digital privacy and free speech, involved in legislative

Russia Hacking - Cyber Attacks Pt 2 - How They're Doing It, Why Should We Care


In my previous episode I covered a threat model of the general types of hacking we're looking at right now and the “who” that’s involved in the kinds of cyberattacks we're seeing in active use, but that's not the most interesting part of it for me. I like to

Russian Cyberattax - What We Know, Why it's Terrifying


This stream breaks it down for you and explains what the cyber att4ck5 from Russia are and if we should worry #infosec #properlyparanoid When I started doing my research about the global threat of cybersecurity just a few weeks ago, I never anticipated that the world itself would be turned