Cyber Security & User Privacy in 2022 - Privacy Panel

Cyber Security & User Privacy in 2022 - Privacy Panel


We share our 1st Hacking Stories, Open Source privacy tools, and elitism in Tech Culture. Watch the privacy panel at Techlore:  How did we fall into InfoSec? Follow me here: Finally, how Security and Privacy in today’s ever changing dynamic world. Come join a unique list of security domain panelists including: Tom from Switched to Linux, Niek Chief Editor of PrivacyTools, Sean former Yale lecturer on cybersecurity as we discuss some of today’s most pressing topics. Join our benevolent dictator Henry of Techlore who graciously brought all these personalities together as we learn, debate, laugh and talk about some of today’s pressing security and privacy concerns. Watch the Panel!

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Niek de Wilde (PTIO Editor-in-chief):​

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