GeeksAbroad Episode 2

GeeksAbroad Episode 2


Check out Episode 2 of GeeksAbroad. Nixie and Marc help host a huge games conference and how they deal with the mad dash from the UK to Paris. You can find out playlist for GeeksAbroad here.

Video Transcript:

Marc: [00:00:04] I knew that I didn't have to have it.

Marc: [00:00:07] I don't got the card.

Nixie: [00:00:12] We missed it. Josh doesn't think that we can see all of our stuff in a quarter of an hour, which I don't even. It's 15 minutes. He doesn't think that I can shove all this stuff in its rightful place in that amount of time. Prove me wrong. We are running to the train station and this is going to be what most of our trip is like. But this one is going to be unique because we are actually going to drop off that far behind into the train while we run to the camera store. In fact, what if you drop him off right now? We'll see if we make it. I think it's the only train. Is it the only train? The only train?

Guest: [00:01:22] That's okay. I think we'll make it.

Nixie & Marc: [00:01:24] We missed it. We knew we missed it. We like coffee better than we like our train. We like coffee better than we like. A minute by minute by minute.

Marc: [00:01:37] British Transit. Okay, we're here.

Nixie: [00:01:40] What time is it? 11.

Guest & Marc: [00:01:42] Next one is 12:24. Okay, so we're an hour and a half to get things fixed.

Nixie: [00:01:48] But then the train is going to take us a while.

Guest & Marc: [00:01:51] I think that's okay. We'll be fine. We'll be fine. Just relax.

Nixie: [00:01:58] There's a part of me.

Marc: [00:01:59] Just take your breath and relax. Don't worry about it.

Marc: [00:02:07] Cape Town, Do I need that card again?

Marc: [00:02:17] Nicki, I need that card again. I can't come. Do you have it? I don't got the card. It already went.

Nixie: [00:02:28] You go. We're not sitting together anymore. But there's worse things in the world. They put us on a fast train instead of the old bumbling one.

Guest & Marc: [00:02:38] Oh, sweet. Josh, how do you feel about this? Okay, we can go. We can get these seats changed.

Nixie: [00:02:45] Everything you just did there won't be usable. Just so you.

Marc: [00:02:48] Know, we're going to use all of it.

Nixie: [00:02:49] Why not? Because you're fast panting and it's nobody.

Guest & Marc: [00:02:54] What are your opinions of today so far? I'm stressed, but everything's worked out for the best. Surprisingly, it does. It makes you one of those positive thought. People have the right thing. Don't worry. Everything works out in the end. Well, so far, so good. It's been good so far. All right. I'm going to be quietly pessimistic, but we'll do it. And there's next.

Nixie: [00:03:17] So we got all our belongings near us, which is more than what we could have said last time. I'm trying to be quiet on the train because I know you're supposed to be away. Be quiet.

Marc: [00:03:34] I'm too tired to be quiet.

Marc: [00:04:00] I think hopefully it's out recruiting my beard. Keep it there.

Nixie & Marc: [00:04:20] Oh. Half an hour of production. Yes. Look at those shows.

Nixie: [00:04:35] Well, so my my French sort of saved us. Sort of. Which does not bode well for the rest of the actually, I can speak pretty much every other language, so we might be okay because I'm an only. I'm glad we got to find it and we only took down holds heroes.

Marc: [00:05:14] We're not done. We have a friend. Something is a dying clown. It's just.

Nixie: [00:05:42] Sad. Sad clowns dying.

Nixie: [00:05:46] Okay. Okay. Okay. So. Yeah.

Marc: [00:06:14] You can just.

Guest: [00:06:16] Throw the ball. Thank you.

Marc: [00:06:29] I knew this way. Choice based on it. For that. We go in for.

Nixie: [00:06:37] Nothing like international travel to brighten the mood.

Marc: [00:06:47] I don't care. Just get on the train. But worry about when we're on the train. No, just get on the train. All right.

Nixie: [00:07:01] Everywhere else.

Guest: [00:07:09] Chicken, sausage, bacon.