This Week in GeekBeacon

This Week in GeekBeacon


All the things in store for the week of 4/11/-4/17/2022 in GeekBeacon! All events to take place on our Discord here.


GeeksAbroad - Episode 3 - Our First Time on Stage - Comic Con of Switzerland

We finally made it to Switzerland, Zurich Comic Festival. You see, in the US we’re spoiled with geeky conferences like PAX and Comic Con. And the Swiss trusted us, geeky BFFs from across the pond to kick it off for them. The stage was MASSIVE, and we didn’t have faith in ourselves.


Nixie & GeekBeacon React - H4CK3R Vans & Geek Mobiles

Watch former NASA consultant OptiSkeptic and Nixie Pixel react to epic H4CK3R Vans & Geek Mobiles, with a Discord meetup after!

BitsyHomes - Tiny Home Brainstorming Event

Join us for our BitsyHomes Brainstorming event following our reaction video. We'll discuss what BitsyHomes is, and what we want it to be. We'll take suggestions and ideas. So come on in, and share your thoughts. Join us in our discord if you're interested.

GeekBeacon Game Night

Following our brainstorm session, we'll be jumping into a game of Cards Against Humanity. All people 18+ are welcome to join us.

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