Squirrel Army Intro

Squirrel Army Intro


Who you callin’ a Squirrel?

The Atypical unique learners, with lots of heart.

We are here to support you

What's the issue?

We have energetic ground squirrels that have fallen out of the tree and are wandering around lost, and some scared about their brains -- so it would be great to build a treehouse so they can feel safe and protected, and learn lots about the environment around them - including how to cope and what projects they can work effectively on

How can I join/help?

Come join us squirrel out as we run across vast fields and climb the highest trees and steal bread from the local bakery! If you feel lost or worried don’t be we’re all here to help! Join us as we learn the different mechanisms for coping. Remember we’re all in this together and working as a team we can ensure that our squirrely ways will lead us to greater things! Join in as we make podcasts and educate others squirrels! If you love squirreling out then the Squirrel Army needs you!

You can read more about us on our discourse group. Please request access here.