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GeekBeacon Movie Night


Join us this Saturday for a movie night in the GeekBeacon Discord. We'll be watching a yet to be decided movie. Put your vote in here on what we should watch. The options are: * Office Space (1999) * Robot & Frank (2012) * Absolutely Anything (2015) * Sensitivity Training (2016) * Mortal (2020) Or you

Graphic of the Month - June 2022


Get your submissions in for June's graphic of the month. The theme for June is "summer". This can be however you imagine summer, but just remember to include a sunflower somewhere! Rules To Enter • You must follow the theme of summer • Your graphic must contain a sunflower somewhere within it

GeekBeacon News - May 2022


Hello fellow beaconers! As I'm sure many of you know, we have brought back our artistic competition, Graphic of the Month, which has the community creating graphical art such as drawing, digital graphic design, painting, sketching, etc. We've had quite the raise in the number of participants, but we'd love

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Meet Our Staff

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Nicole Allen (NixiePixel)

CEO & Foundation President

Nicole is a tech YouTuber that flourished into a public speaker and media personality on Discovery Channel and TechTV. In 2017, she created her own open source community, GeekBeacon - a fellowship of geeks that share her open source values and dedication toward social good.

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Samir Faci (csgeek)

CTO & Foundation Vice-President

Samir is a software engineer and co-founder of GB. He's the current head for GeekBeacon Conferences and he’s actively working on various community projects at GB that foster learning, education, and technical growth for the community at large.

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Toby Horn (Kankuro)

COO, Community Lead, & Foundation Chair

Toby is our Community Leader and Discord Manager. He's been managing communities since 2015 and also helps with various other tasks such as development, HR, and content.

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David Adams (Bremaine)

Social Media, Event, & Business Manager & Foundation Chair

David is our bonafide social media guru, event coordinator, and partnership liaison. He’s been instrumental in helping the mission of GeekBeacon reach the masses as well as ensuring that community events run without a hitch.

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