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Geeks Abroad
Not All Who Wander are Lost

Geeks Abroad

Passion is the only true thing that unites us as a human race. We're making a show that captures this geeky passion all over the world. Welcome to Geeks Abroad the geeky travel show that will transcend language barriers, cultural differences and political climates all over the world. Firstly, Your project leaders is Marcello (Llamapliot256) and were excited to announce that we need you!

Geeks Abroad is about passion and we’re looking for some passionate individuals that will be able to be Geeky Tour Guides. Please if you haven’t already fill out our Google Form! Also do you know any places that you’d like us to visit? Please feel free to let us know!


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Do you fancy yourself to be a code monkey? Do you live for the world of coding? Are you interested in WebDev or are a current Sysadmin? If so then you’d love to join us on OS.ALT! Join us as we develop new websites and help with community driven projects! Please fill out our form here: And our lead will be in touch!


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Squirrel Army

Who you callin’ a Squirrel?

The Atypical unique learners, with lots of heart.

What’s the issue?

We have energetic ground squirrels that have fallen out of the tree and are wandering around lost, and some scared about their brains -- so it would be great to build a treehouse so they can feel safe and protected, and learn lots about the environment around them - including how to cope and what projects they can work effectively on.