July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022 Newsletter


Hopefully you're doing amazing and staying safe! This month was a bit slower than usual, but that is because next month will be exciting and we are working towards that behind the scenes!

Newly Confirmed Apperances

  • Andrew Gracey will be making a return to talk about home automation using Kubernetes!

If you would like to be a speaker or host for GBF, please submit your application before October 19th 2022!

New Sponsors

  • openSUSE was kind enough to become out first sponsor! They will also be holding their own conference, openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022, from October 30th through November 1st!

If you would like to discuss becoming a sponsor or partner for GBF, please see how we could work together!

Town Hall

This month we had a public town hall to discuss our plans for GBF Fall and get feedback or suggestions for it. Here at GeekBeacon we try to be as open as possible with what we want and strive to do, and these town halls are always fun and informative for all! You can watch the recording below or click here if the below doesn't work for you!

A huge congratulations to RPaladin for winning the latest Graphic of the Month competition!

This time we decided to extend the theme from last month, that being "Summer". Not only us, but many of our community members love this competition and use it as a way to either showcase their skills or expand upon them. If you're not taking part in GotM, you are missing out! Be sure to join our Discord if you'd like to participate, we hope to see you there!

This month's theme is "Skateboarding", so be sure to include a skateboard (or skateboard part) in your submission!

As usual, you can view RPaladin's winning piece of art for July 2022 below!

This month we had 2 Game/Movie nights! These are always a joy to do and the more people that join us the more fun it gets, so be sure to take part in our Discord if you haven't already!

Our two events featured Kankuro and Sir Matrix teaching Bremaine about Fallout 76 and playing through it with him. Fallout 76 gets a bad reputation due to its launch, but these days it is a much more fun and polished (but still Bugthesda) game!

GeekBeacon Broadcast is ramping up! We are planning to have the next episode out next month, with iconic guest stars, so be sure to join in on the fun!

We are excited to entertain, inform, teach, and maybe even make you laugh on the road ahead, be sure to subscribe to GBB on your platform of choice or check us out on Anchor to see the various options.

Be sure to check out the GeekBeacon store!